Next Level Austin's design team handled Laurie's renovation by customizing the design to her needs and adding plenty of high-end touches.

"We have been nothing but impressed with our experience with Next Level Austin. Janice and her team have worked with us during the remodel of our entire home, and have made the process as smooth and stress free as possible.

Janice has been such a pleasure to work with- she picked up on my style immediately and can determine things I like before I even know I like them. I continue to be impressed with her eye for color, flow, and detail, and her energy is contagious. She is efficient and always conscientious of my time.

Sara, our Project Manager, is organized, detail oriented, and extremely knowledgeable in both the construction and design aspects of our project. She is in constant communication with me and spent a ton of time on our job site so that I didn't have to. Danna adds invaluable insight and opinions, and even Amelia and Lauren behind the scenes have been instrumental to making this a smooth process.

NLA has excellent relationships with vendors in town, and as a result, always finds the best options to fit our budget. Because of this team, decisions were easy and straightforward, and I never had to take a single measurement, determine a quantity, or place an order. We are so thrilled with the gorgeous house that resulted from our decision to work with NLA. We recommend this group wholeheartedly!


Next Level Austin worked with West Austin Properties to stage and design new homes for real estate agents so that buyers can see a complete vision.

In our real estate business, we use Next Level Austin to consult with our clients before they sell a home and to prepare it for the market, or with our buyer clients to see the design potential of a home they are about to purchase. Janice and her team have excellent taste and can oversee any design project, large or small. Many of my clients use Next Level to personalize their new homes. They can do everything from suggesting paint colors and ordering new flooring to a complete redesign. They will even oversee the project from start to finish. I highly recommend Next Level Austin.


Next Level Design works with architects in the beginning stages of their process to help make spaces more functional and beautiful, while reducing costs from later plan changes.

I always love to get Janice involved early in my design process. At the conceptual plan stage, her quick and knowledgeable insights about how a house will be used and seen by both residents and guests are invaluable and save both myself and my clients time finding that "sweet spot" where everything works wonderfully.

Early selection of finish materials helps reduce later plan changes needed to accommodate the dimensional and structural requirements of different finish choices. Janice is extremely talented, practical, and fun to work with, and the sooner I can get her involved in my projects, the better they will look and work when finished.