Why ProSource Is One of the Best Design Partners in Austin

ProSource is one of our best to-the-trade vendors for floor coverings, plumbing, countertops, cabinets, natural stone, cabinet pulls, and more. Their showroom is in an unassuming warehouse hidden away north of 183 in Austin. But trust us when we say, that is where the design magic happens.

The talented people at ProSource General Manager Larry Despas and Account Manager Renee Slater have worked with us for over 20 years. We have built a loyal relationship with them based on their expertise and top-notch service. We know they will take care of us and our clients.

Whatever design aesthetic we are going for, Larry and Renee can quickly and easily provide us with material options depending on style, functionality, and budget. They know their materials intimately and we know no matter what kind of project we take on, they will find us the right products at the best pricing.

It takes a large team of dedicated professionals working behind the scenes to make design come to life. We have fostered relationships so we can bring that team to our clients. Our biggest priority is that our clients enjoy the design process, get the most from their budget, and love the end product. Nurturing loyal partnerships with Larry and Renee at ProSource is key to helping us achieve our goals.

Larry and Renee.jpg

“I think the number one thing, being with ProSource for over 20 years, is the trade relationship that we have created with Next Level Austin and Designer Janice Hanks is obviously a committed relationship that has proven year over year that both of our successes are determined by the quality of the partnership. She is a true design professional who works on the absolute best projects in Austin. We have incredible success with her clients and her style and design. Most importantly, we understand each other and understand how important the clients experience is and the overall presentation of their project.” -Larry Despas, General Manager- ProSource of Austin

Janice Hanks